Power Evangelism - (Following the leading of the Holy Spirit and evangelizing with His power)
Many young Christians have tried evangelism and have not been successful many times. Yet others have tried evangelism and have never seen its fruit. When Jesus said to share the gospel and make disciples of all nations, He meant us bearing fruit in evangelism as well. Your fruitless season of evangelism is all about to get changed.
James Park
Pacific Salon 4
Leadership Training Class
초급 LTC
성공적인 전도란 성령님의 능력 안에서 그리스도만을 전하고 그 결과는 하나님께 맡기는 것이다.
Inn Hwa Kim
Pacific Salon 6
Addiction and Its Prevention
Ha Jee Mah! (Just Don’t!) Psalm 1:1
No one plans to become an alcoholic, drug addict, mentally ill, homeless, be in prison, die prematurely or put loved ones going through hell. We like to present audiences some shocking reality of where people will end up when they make poor choices in life. You will hear about why people go to prison, the reality of prison life, destructive nature of addiction and ways to prevent them from happening in your life.
Suk Ki Kim Paul Jung
Pacific Salon 7
Praise & Worship
Defining Worship
We will look at the importance of worship and the primary elements in true worship.
Peter Lee
Golden Pacific Ballroom
Faith in Purity - Dating with a Biblical Perspective
In today's society we live in, we are bombarded with how world defines the dating, sex, and marriage. But how does the Bible talk about these things? How can us, as Christians, date out of our faith in God, and how can we please our Lord with it? In this seminar designed to talk about the Biblical perspective on dating and marriage, we will look into how to follow God's will, rather than the patterns of this world in these areas.
Jun Hyung Son
Royal Palm Salon 1
Personal Time with God (Prayer)
Cultivating an Intimate Personal Time With God
The core of Christian walk with God involves spending transparent time with God. Come and explore what it means to have a meaningful personal time with God. We will explore the topic of having relationship with God and various ways to have meaningful prayer.
Hesed Lee
Royal Palm Salon 3
Dating and Porn
Dating and Porn
Come and see what the Bible says about dating and porn. Learn about history of dating, what God says about relationships, and how porn affects our heart and relationships with others.
Young Lee
Royal Palm Salon 5
God's Will & Calling
What is God's will/calling for my life?
Have you ever met someone who was so sure of what they wanted to do with their life? They say things like, "I've wanted to be a doctor ever since I was born" or "I'm going to create the next big viral app" or "I'm going to be a kpop star!" Or you know someone who is so talented or gifted in something that it seems like God created this person just for this one specific purpose here on this earth. Yet, here you are still trying to figure out what in the world you want to do, let alone what God wants you to do. If you ever wondered what your purpose in life is, what you were created for, what you were born to do, this seminar explores these ideas. But more importantly, this seminar explores these ideas from the lens of God's Word. Come and investigate God's will/call for you.
John Saw
Royal Palm Salon 6


Hesed Lee



Mom of two children,Youth Pastor at San Jose Korean Presbyterian Church. Currently enrolled in Doctoral Ministry of Leadership and Spiritual Formation at Portland Seminary in Oregon MA in Pastoral Care and counseling from Talbot seminary, BFA in Communication Arts from Otis College of Art and Design

Inn Hwa Kim

Inn Hwa Kim

Staff of SOON Movement, Working with Community Ministry

간호사 1991~1993, CCC 간사 1994~현재,
동아시아선교사 1999~2003


Pastor and Director of G.C.G. Jr. High Ministry(God's Chosen Generation in SD Hanbit Church)

B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Materials Science ngineering from U.C. Berkeley, Currently attending Westminster Seminary graduate school.

John Saw



Pastor John is an amateur b-boy, a professional taco eater, and a beloved child of God. He grew up in Chicago as a pastor's kid, studied law at Regent University School of Law in Virginia, and is currently working on an MA in Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena. Although pursuing different degrees in higher education appears to be Pastor John's passion, he is actually more interested in following Jesus wherever He leads. This has taken him down some unexpected paths, namely law school and seminary, but Pastor John considers following Jesus the greatest invitation to adventure available to humankind. He currently serves as the high school pastor at Dong Shin Presbyterian Church of Southern California in Fullerton, CA.


Jun Hyung Son

Staff of SOON Movement

Serving in Chicago, IL



Staff of SOON Movement

Leader of Undignified - Worship ministry of SOON



National Director of Field Mission, SOON Movement

MDIV Talbot Seminary
Married with 3 children
Dodgers fan. Loves movies and Jesus!

Paul Jung



Pastor Paul Jung serves as a staff at Onesimus and his focus is on prevention and mediation for youth and young adults and those who struggle with addiction. After God set him free from drug addiction and called him into ministry, he has been serving as a pastor in different functions and roles since 1994. His heart and passion is for young people for he knows the importance of their timing.

Suk Ki Kim



Pastor Suk Ki Kim is the founder of Onesimus Jail & Prison Ministry based in Buena Park, CA since 1994. Onesimus ministers to inmates in county jails, state and federal prisons through visitation, correspondence in letters, Bible and theological studies. Onesimus offers different programs to bring awareness of addiction and its damaging nature.